A Miraculous First Trip

Campfire Chaplains is off and camping!

We completed our first extended trip and saw God move and touch lives in amazing ways. It was a safe trip with only one scary moment, but we lived!

We traveled almost 3,000 miles through 10 states and stayed in 8 parks and boondocked twice. Motorhome traveling is interestedly different. I actually enjoy driving it, but admittedly it is demanding and requires full focus.

What did we enjoy the most? Meeting people and sharing the Lord’s goodness was my favorite. Of course, traveling with Wanda makes it the best because we have common goals in this ministry and in our lives which center around God and fulfilling His purpose and will for our lives.

Our primary reason for heading towards Springfield, Mo., was to attend our first U S Missions Chaplains Conference. It was outstanding as we left inspired, encouraged, and informed. I felt God speaking to me and confirming His purpose and plan for this new phase of our lives.

We conducted our first in park Sunday worship service at Branson Lifeside Rv Park. There was a good attendance and many shared how much they received. I was grateful to the park for making a place for us in their pavilion. I played my guitar as I led a few worship choruses and we sang “God Bless America” as it was the Fourth of July weekend.

There were definitely numerous God moments in just about every park we visited. It is thrilling to see how God seems to place us where we should be to pray or bring comfort to people. This happened over and over.

What is my take-a-way from this trip?
1. Prayer definitely prepares the way.
2. There are people everywhere who need the Lord.
3. Wanda and I make a good team.
4. Don’t drive too long or too far in one day.
5. Look for God appointed moments.
6. We live in an amazing Country.
7. Everyday is special and God always has a plan for every day.

Thank you for those who have prayed for us, or given financially to help us. We are so grateful.

We’re praying over America and seeking God for upcoming trips and ministry opportunities. Pleas keep us in your payers for guidance, protection, provision and God appointed moments.

Keep smiling!

Chaplain Dykes

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