May God be your steadfast guide.

Campfire Chaplains

"Our vision is to minister to campers in National, State, and RV Parks across America."
- Rev. Milton Dykes -


Campfire Sing-a-longs

"Come hear a familiar song or two and some down- home corny humor. Everyone gets a s'more. Enjoy meeting new friends and sharing camping stories. There is nothing like sitting around a campfire and creating friendships."

Fun Nights

Keep on the lookout for fun and film nights. There will be a game or two and you might even win a prize. Come join the party. Laughter makes life more enjoyable. What is your favorite trip? Where would you go again if you had the chance? What is your list of "must see" locations? We want to hear you, walk with you, and share some of our favorites too!

Preaching Appointments

Follow Chaplain Dykes and Wanda as they minister across the Nation in church settings. You will hear an amazing story of grace and hope. Watch their calendar for when they might be in your area.

Upcoming Tours & Destinations

Gather around our campfire, join in the singing, and be blessed. Milton and Wanda invite you to enjoy the fellowship of God’s love.